Spring 2022

In their upcoming premiere, Martin Hansen and Kareth Schaffer explore cultural and physical narratives of suffering Read more

Spring 2021

Inspired by the contemplative practices of the desert monks, Question of Belief proposes a demonology of the contemporary Read more

August – October 2021

A series of public choreographic practices with guest artists Kerim Becker, Olympia Bukakkis, Olivia Hyunsin Kim and Cathy Walsh Read more

Spring 2019

An examination of Angela Merkel’s physicality during her career in the public eye. She once decribed herself as a “kleine Bewegungsidiotin”, but this might be an exaggeration Read more

Summer 2016

Unheard Of dives into the world of cinematic post-production, where the sounds of movement, steps, clothing are synchronized with moving images Read more

Summer 2016

Based on the poem “America” by Alan Ginsberg, the work is performed in whatever the most common language of the audience is Read more

Winter 2016

A story we can’t tell you. We can dance it, sing it, mime it, swim it, but it’s about something one wouldn’t normally discuss on stage Read more

Winter 2014

In Interluding the artists make room for absence and conjecture, inviting the spectator to divine for herself Read more