April 2024

Premiere Bird Dances

Bird Dances will premiere in spring 2024 at Sophiensaele!

Autumn 2023

Ein Platz Düsseldorf

Construction Company examines the choreographic potential of the city landscape with neighbourhood teens at tanzhaus NRW this autumn

23. September 2023

Landpartie 2023

Construction Company presents the next (cinematographic) steps of Bird Dances at the Landpartie!

08. September 2023

Tanznacht 2023

Kareth Schaffer presents a short solo work at Tanznacht on September 8th!


Bird Dances (in progress)

The Bird Dances “final ball” will take place on November 12th 2022 from 16.00-19:00 in Kulturscheune Fahrenwalde.

03. September 2022

Tanzmesse 2022

Kareth Schaffer will be present at the Networking Islands on September 3rd!

June 25th 2022

Bee Dances Indonesia


We are very happy to finally announce our show of Bee Dances at the Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar, Indonesia.

26.-29. May 2022

Question of Belief


The demons are returning to Sophiensaele. This time live with audience!

12 March 2022

Cassandra Has Turned 1

(Guest performance)

Cassandra has returned….to Madrid! We are delighted to appear with our favorite prophetess at the Me gustas mixelad_ festival this spring!

24.-27. February 2022

No More Suffering


In their upcoming premiere, Martin Hansen and Kareth Schaffer explore cultural and physical narratives of suffering.

August – October 2021

Bewegte Gespräche

A series of public choreographic practices in Neukölln with guest artists Kerim Becker, Olympia Bukakkis, Olivia Hyunsin-Kim, Kareth Schaffer and Cathy Walsh

09.Oktober 2021

Bewegte Gespräche #4: Öffentliche Verletzlichkeit

Irem Aydin & Olympia Bukkakis are the hosts of our final Bewegte Gepräch for 2021. Under the title “Öffentliche Verletzlichkeit”, the duo will consider what we perceive as “safer spaces” in Berlin…and where our perceptions actually shape landscapes of vulnerability.

25. September 2021

Bewegte Gespräche #3: Love in Progress

Saturday, 25 September 2021 at 14:00, choreographers and Neukölln residents Ante Pavic & Natalia Torales will guide participants through the parts of Neukölln that have influenced their intertwined biographies in a gentle meditation on family life. Starting point of this conversation is Boddinplatz, Neukölln!

11. & 18. September 2021

Bewegte Gespräche #2: Bewegung über Zeit

Irish choreographer Cathy Walsh invites participants to an individual conversation at walking speed: our thoughts on movement, dance, and memories become mixed with views of the past and sorted into our perspective on the future. Book appointment HERE

21 August 2021

Bewegte Gespräche #1: Sampled City

In our first edition, Kerim Becker & Kareth Schaffer explore how the sounds of the neighborhood can be remixed and reimagined.

10 23 June

Bee Dances

(choreographer’s cut)

with Ninus, ONLINE

2 June 2021



with Dan Lancea and students of the Hector Peterson Schule Theatertreffen der Jugend

29 30 May

About Dance

forming futures → Forum No. 2


10 13 April

Question of Belief

(livestream) ONLINE

27 28 February

Bee Dances

with Ninus, ONLINE

4 November 2020


(online premiere)

with Dan Lancea and students of the Hector Peterson Schule

2 November 2019

Ohne Frauen ist Kein Staat zu machen: ein choreografierte Gespräch

with Rike Flämig

15 16 March

Merkel Dances


with Cathy Walsh

10 January 2019

Dancing Against the Far Right: a choreographed conversation

26 August 2018

Tari Bali

(Letter to Dance in Bahasa Indonesia)

with Musicians’ Multi-Focus Ensemble, CushCush Gallery

5 November 2017

Cassandra Has Turned 1


23 August 2017

An Animal Came Back

Submerge Festival

23 March 2017

Querida Danza

(Letter to Dance in Spanish)

6 February 2017

An Animal Came Back

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

28 August 2016

Letter to Dance


9 12 June

Unheard Of


10 11 January

An Animal Went Out


30 May 2015

Dirty Money Mudwrestling


within Dreck: Ein Apparat

20 21 September



with Ana Laura Lozza & Claudia Tomasi

4 5 January

As Easy As 1, 2, 3


15 17 November

OPFER/ The Sacrifice of Kareth Schaffer