Winter 2014


This exhibition-performance resulted from Ana Laura Lozza, Claudia Tomasi, and Kareth Schaffer examining each other’s previous works from Temporary Archipelago no. 1 for mutual themes, urgencies, and gestures. On the basis of this common ground, they search for a continuous construction of a choreographic space through the positioning of objects, texts, images, bodies, and performativities. In Interluding the artists make room for absence and conjecture, inviting the spectator to divine for herself the strands of authorship woven through a common endeavor. They articulate a detour and proliferate from there: in re- enacting found material, in re-adjusting their bodies as the discipline may require, and in revering the theatre space, even in the exploitation of its very boundaries. 

„Das mag alles etwas chaotisch klingen – und eigentlich war es das irgendwie auch. Aber dieses Chaos machte ungemein Spaß, nicht zuletzt auch durch die sympathische und erfrischend unprätentiöse Bühnenpräsenz der drei Künstlerinnen, die allesamt auch mal über sich selbst lachen konnten…“

(Thomas Schaupp, ada Studioschreiber, 22.09.2014) 

Concept & Performance: Ana Laura Lozza, Kareth Schaffer, Claudia Tomasi | Assistance: Sonya Levin