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From 2021, the work of choreographer Kareth Schaffer and a multitude of collaborators will be continued under a new name: Construction Company. Starting a new company is exciting and really a tiny bit scary, but we are grateful for the many people along the way who have made this opportunity possible. Click around to see where we’ve been and where we going, and how we might meet in real life!

Latest Works

Spring 2021

Inspired by the contemplative practices of the desert monks, Question of Belief proposes a demonology of the contemporary Read more


August – October 2021

Bewegte Gespräche

A series of public choreographic practices in Neukölln with guest artists Kerim Becker, Olympia Bukakkis, Olivia Hyunsin-Kim, Kareth Schaffer and Cathy Walsh

Winter 2021

Bee Dances Indonesia

(Guest performance)

Indonesia has entered a harrowing wave of the corona pandemic that has affected several members of the cast and their families. We hope to show our work there soon, but only if it can be done so responsibly.

February 2022

No More Suffering


In their upcoming premiere, Martin Hansen and Kareth Schaffer explore cultural and physical narratives of suffering.